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Ghadah Alharthi

Dr Ghadah Alharti

Unit Leader

I hold a PhD in Management (Social Entrepreneurship) from the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London. My PhD research explored the journey of social entrepreneurs and was centred on analysing their social networks and psychological capital, in addition to reflecting on gender related issues in the field.

I received my MSc in International Management (Middle East and North Africa) from SOAS and my BA in Financial Management and Informatics from the University of Sheffield. My Master’s dissertation applied the Triple Helix Model to see how universities, governments and industries together can help transform a traditional economy into a knowledge-based economy that promotes innovation, research and entrepreneurship.

For the past 8 years I collaborated with art supporters in the MENA region to promote young and established artists from the Middle East. In a previous role at the Edge of Arabia art gallery in London I worked to deliver a wide range of international events/exhibitions by engaging with governments, universities, social enterprises and international foundations.

Currently, alongside my work at CSM, I’m a cultural consultant working with Barker Langham across their Middle East projects specialising in research and curation.

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