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Regenerative Futures

Envisioning a future in which humanity, technology and the natural, living world thrive together. These projects situate local innovation practice within global planetary-level issues, calling for a shift towards regenerative design models and mindsets - from redefining creativity for a new world, to experimenting alternative ways to collaborate with non-human materials, intelligences and processes.

Future shaping enterprises

Bridging the gap between the answers of tomorrow and the questions of today. This work forecasts the challenges and opportunities we face as a community of innovation and wider, responding to them with complexity, criticality and creativity. We engage with organisations and practitioners across industries to deliver speculative and applied client-based projects, as well as prototyping and seeding our own entrepreneurial ventures.

Hybrid Innovation

Becoming fluent in the language and practice of transdisciplinarity. These cases demonstrate the successful cross-pollination of knowledges, skill sets and processes from many disciplines. Through adaptivity and reflexive learning, we emerge as masters of hybrid creativity – joining the dots between a diverse cohort of changemakers to unite as a formidable community of innovation managers.

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